Balkonverglasung SL 25

Balkonverglasung SL 25

Balkonverglasung SL 25

Solarlux Balcony Glazing

Enjoy your balcony 365 days a year from now on: rediscover your balcony and transform it into a new oasis of well-being, with individual glazing solutions. Solarlux balcony glazing enables you to make more space within your living area. Enjoy the outdoors on your balcony in all weather.

Make the most of the outdoors on your balcony

With Solarlux balcony glazing, you can fulfil your dream of using your balcony all year round. Uninsulated balcony glazing – which protects against wind, rain and noise – and insulated balcony glazing – which makes for a fully-fledged extension of the living area – is available, so whatever your specification, Solarlux has the optimum solution.

Balcony Glazing



Impressive Solarlux quality

  • Great ease of operation
  • Versatile system: insulated and uninsulated versions available
  • Largely prefabricated, therefore short installation times
  • Various possible uses
  • All Solarlux products are tested and certified by various independent testing institutes
  • All Solarlux products are guaranteed "Made in Germany"

Contact us!

We will gladly be available to help you with your planning. During the whole building project there will be a contact person to assist you. We are looking forward to your inquiry.



Solarlux GmbH
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49324 Melle

Fon: +49 5422 9271-0




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