SL 25R balcony glazing

Aluminium framed, non-heat-insulated

The SL 25R slide-and-turn-system features impressive modern section technology: with an installation depth of 27 mm, linear supports and vertical panel sections, the system looks slender and creates maximum openness.

Wintergarten und Terrassenüberdachungen von Solarlux 0 ../../img/loading.gif { "Bilder": { "450": { "minBreite": 450, "minHoehe": 281, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-leichtigkeit/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-dichtigkeit-schallschutz/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-transparenz/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-breitenjustierung/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-hoehenjustierung/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-barrierefreiheit/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild7": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-sicherheit/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild8": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-reinigung/0450x0000.jpg" }, "480": { "minBreite": 480, "minHoehe": 300, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-leichtigkeit/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-dichtigkeit-schallschutz/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-transparenz/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-breitenjustierung/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-hoehenjustierung/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-barrierefreiheit/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild7": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-sicherheit/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild8": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-reinigung/0480x0000.jpg" }, "768": { "minBreite": 768, "minHoehe": 480, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-leichtigkeit/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-dichtigkeit-schallschutz/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-transparenz/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-breitenjustierung/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-hoehenjustierung/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-barrierefreiheit/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild7": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-sicherheit/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild8": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-reinigung/0768x0000.jpg" }, "1024": { "minBreite": 1024, "minHoehe": 640, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-leichtigkeit/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-dichtigkeit-schallschutz/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-transparenz/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-breitenjustierung/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-hoehenjustierung/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-barrierefreiheit/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild7": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-sicherheit/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild8": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-reinigung/1024x0000.jpg" }, "1280": { "minBreite": 1280, "minHoehe": 800, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-leichtigkeit/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-dichtigkeit-schallschutz/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-transparenz/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-breitenjustierung/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-hoehenjustierung/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-barrierefreiheit/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild7": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-sicherheit/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild8": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-reinigung/1280x0000.jpg" } }, "AltText": { "Bild1": "Balkonverglasung SL 25R - Leichtigkeit", "Bild2": "Balkonverglasung SL 25R - Dichtigkeit & Schallschutz", "Bild3": "Balkonverglasung SL 25R - Transparenz", "Bild4": "Balkonverglasung SL 25R - Breitenjustierung", "Bild5": "Balkonverglasung SL 25R - Höhenjustierung", "Bild6": "Balkonverglasung SL 25R Barrierefreiheit", "Bild7": "Balkonverglasung SL 25R - Sicherheit", "Bild8": "Balkonverglasung SL 25R - Reinigung" } , "Texte": { "Bild1": "Double horizontal running gears with ball bearings ensure extremely smooth sliding of the panels." , "Bild2": "The framed slide-and-turn-system offers protection against driving rain and sound insulation (25 dB)." , "Bild3": "Panel joints with a slim face width of only 46 mm ensure maximum views." , "Bild4": "Once installed, the width of the side frame can be adjusted up to 30 mm – important for the compensation of building tolerances." , "Bild5": "The height adjustment section for compensation of building tolerances up to 35 mm allows the panels to be height-adjusted even when installed." , "Bild6": "The recessed floor track ensures barrier-free living on your patio and balcony." , "Bild7": "The integrated 2-point lock and an additional lock (optional) ensure good burglar resistance." , "Bild8": "The external glass panes are easy to clean from inside." } ,"ThumbTexte": { "Bild1": "engineered" , "Bild2": "weather stripping & acoustic insulation" , "Bild3": "transparency" , "Bild4": "width adjustment" , "Bild5": "height adjustment" , "Bild6": "barrier free" , "Bild7": "security" , "Bild8": "cleaning" } , "Thumbnails": { "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-leichtigkeit/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-dichtigkeit-schallschutz/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-transparenz/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-breitenjustierung/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-hoehenjustierung/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-barrierefreiheit/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild7": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-sicherheit/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild8": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl25r-reinigung/0150x0100.jpg" } }

Feel a direct connection to nature

Enjoy your balcony or patio regardless of the weather: the framed façade glazing SL 25R gives you optimum protection from wind and weather, maximum impermeability and enhanced sound insulation of up to 25 dB. Panel joints with a slim face width of only 46 mm ensure maximum transparency. The external glass panes are easy to clean from inside thanks to state-of-the-art technology.


  • 27 mm installation depth
  • Framed slide-and-turn-system
  • Unobstructed view: panel joints with a slim face width of only 46 mm ensure maximum views.
  • Glazing with tempered glass
  • External glass surfaces are easy to clean from inside
  • Can be combined with standard SL 45 window system: parapets, turn-and-tilt, fixed elements
  • Glass thickness of 6 or 8 mm possible
  • Max. panel sizes
  • 800 x 2400 mm
  • 650 x 2750 mm
  • Special sizes on request

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