Geschäftseingang SL 65-HSW

Geschäftseingang SL 70e

Geschäftseingang SL 60-HSW


Create an entrance area with an exclusive glass structure and a high quality product design by Solarlux that makes it is easier for your customers to find their way into your business. Provide maximum transparency and enable your customers a complete free view of the inside of your business. Whether highly thermally insulated or maximum transparency – our product portfolio fulfill every request you may have for your entrance area.

Maximal openness for your reception

The requirements for the glazing of a reception (business entrance) are extremely various: materials, color, design and certainly the functionality must all be individually adjusted to suit the different types of businesses such as restaurants or hotels for example. By making use of tailor-made Solarlux products either bi-folding doors or horizontal sliding walls, can be used in many diverse applications.






Impressive Solarlux Quality

  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Variety of design with tailor-made solutions
  • Short assembling times thanks to high pre-fabrication degree
  • Various design possibilities
  • All Solarlux products are tested and certified by various independent testing institutes
  • All Solarlux products are guaranteed ‘’Made in Germany’’   

Contact us!

We will gladly be available to help you with your planning. During the whole building project there will be a contact person to assist you. We are looking forward to your inquiry.



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