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Enjoy nature 365 days a year

Solarlux Bi-Folding doors create seamless transitions

Appealing transparency and seamless transitions between inside and outside increase your quality of life and extend living space almost boundlessly into the open. Bi-Folding doors use filigree technology so that life and living revolve around nature.

Fully open up to nature

The custom-made flexible BiFolding doors by Solarlux can be opened or closed to the exact width you require across the entire opening with just a flick of the wrist. As required, the individual panels glide quietly and smoothly inwards or outwards, or to the right or left. And even when closed the large expanses of glass create a feeling of freedom: the light-filled space and the unobstructed view of the garden, mountains or lake make the living area with a Solarlux folding glass door an all-year-round oasis of well-being.

Bi-folding Door Systems




Impressive Solarlux quality

  • Glazing options with sound insulation, sun protection, burglar resistance or self-cleaning features
  • Expansive, barrier-free access to the garden
  • Wide variety of possible designs for perfect integration into your living area
  • Aluminium or wood
  • All Solarlux products are tested and certified by various independent testing institutes
  • All Solarlux products are guaranteed "Made in Germany"

Solarlux GmbH
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Fon: +49 5422 9271-0


Internet: www.solarlux.com


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