SL 97 Bi-Folding Glass Door

Wood/aluminium, heat-insulated. For passive houses

The SL 97 Bifolding glass door is available as a top- or bottom-hung system, with various opening options being available.
Three sealing systems ensure high impermeability to wind and rain. External aluminium facing sheets protect the timber sections from the effects of the weather.

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All components are tested for environmental compatibility, mechanically connected and easy to separate for recycling." , "Bild4": "Wood on the interior creates a sense of comfort and a lived-in feel. The wide choice of colours allows for an exclusive variety of designs." , "Bild5": "Rugged stainless steel carriages and rails ensure smooth and quiet sliding of the folding glass doors." , "Bild6": "Special gears with 24 mm latch bolt lock the panels in the upper and lower frame sections – offering optimum protection against storms and burglary." , "Bild7": "Good burglar resistance due to convenient integrated Solarlux 3-point lock with handle, latch lock with profile cylinder and locking bar." , "Bild8": "Once installed, the width of the panels can easily be adjusted with an adjustable hinge." } ,"ThumbTexte": { "Bild1": "heat insulation" , "Bild2": "weather protection" , "Bild3": "substainability" , "Bild4": "comfort" , "Bild5": "engineered" , "Bild6": "stability" , "Bild7": "security" , "Bild8": "width adjustment" } , "Thumbnails": { "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl97-waermedaemmung/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl97-wetterschutz/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl97-nachhaltigkeit/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl97-behaglichkeit/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl97-leichtigkeit/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl97-stabilitaet/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild7": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl97-sicherheit-komfort/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild8": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl97-breitenjustierung/0150x0100.jpg" } }

A brighter living space

The wood/aluminium SL 97 folding glass door features a very high level of thermal insulation. Laminated wood sections with 96 mm installation depth, an additional insulation system and triple glazing combined give a U-value of 0.80 W/m²K, which reflects the passive house standard. Certified wood from sustainable forestry and water-based varnishes are consistent with our ecological approach to sustainable building. All components are tested for environmental compatibility.

  • Panel installation depth: 96 mm
  • Highly heat-insulated wood/aluminium section system:
  • laminated wood panel frame with hand-crafted mortise and tenon joints on the inside and aluminium facing sheets for weather protection on the outside as well as an insulation system between the two.
  • Three sealing systems ensure high impermeability to wind and rain.
  • Standard wood: pine or spruce, other wood types optionally available

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