SL 45 Bi-folding Glass Door

Aluminium, non-heat-insulated

A special feature of the SL 45 BiFolding door is its wide range of opening options: some of the panels can be opened inwards; others outwards. For convenient ventilation, a turn-and-tilt panel can be incorporated. Two sealing systems ensure optimum impermeability to wind and rain.

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Vertical: double EPDM seals; horizontal: double brush seals with PE bar." , "Bild7": "Good burglar resistance due to convenient integrated Solarlux lock with handle, latch lock with profile cylinder and locking bar." , "Bild8": "Once installed, the width of the panels can be adjusted using a screwdriver. Height adjustment allows for compensation of building tolerances/subsidence up to 8 mm." } ,"ThumbTexte": { "Bild1": "safe operation" , "Bild2": "engineered" , "Bild3": "transparency" , "Bild4": "barrier free" , "Bild5": "security" , "Bild6": "weather stripping" , "Bild7": "comfort" , "Bild8": "width/height adjustment" } , "Thumbnails": { "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl45-funktionssicherheit/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl45-leichtigkeit/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl45-transparenz/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl45-barrierefreiheit/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl45-sicherheit/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl45-dichtigkeit/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild7": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl45-komfort/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild8": "../../files/jpg1/html/sl45-breiten-hoehenjustierung/0150x0100.jpg" } }

Flexibility and versatility

The non-heat-insulated aluminium SL 45 folding glass door offers optimum impermeability, stability and burglar protection. State-of-the-art section technology meets all the requirements for open-space living: the recessed floor track provides barrier-free entrance and exit.
Optimum burglar protection due to convenient integrated Solarlux lock with handle, latch lock with profile cylinder and locking bar.


  • 45 mm installation depth
  • Stable hollow chamber sections without limit stop available for barrier-free living acc. to DIN 18025
  • Two circumferential sealing systems ensure high impermeability to wind and rain
  • Complete window system available to match folding door: turn-and-tilt, parallel slide-and-tilt and fixed elements
  • Hidden fittings with one-hand operation
  • Sliding lock for partially opened folding door
  • Recessed floor track available for barrier-free living
  • No visible signs of wear and tear after 10,000 operations
  • Segmentation possible up to 22.5°
  • Pane constructions available from 5 to 20 mm
  • Maximum panel sizes
  • 1100 x 2200 mm
  • 700 x 2800 mm
  • Panel weight up to 100 kg
  • Special sizes on request

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