SDL Ambition glass canopy

Aluminium, non-heat-insulated

The SDL Ambition roof system enables roofs with a width of up to seven metres. The concealed downpipe provides optimal drainage. The aluminium downpipe facing gives the glass canopy an elegant look. The controlled drainage in the glass panel joint is made possible by an 11 mm height offset between the rafter and glazing bar.

Wintergarten und Terrassenüberdachungen von Solarlux 0 ../../img/loading.gif { "Bilder": { "450": { "minBreite": 450, "minHoehe": 210, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-sparren/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-fallrohr-rinne/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-eckstuetze-mit-fuss/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-beleuchtung/0450x0000.jpg" }, "480": { "minBreite": 480, "minHoehe": 225, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-sparren/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-fallrohr-rinne/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-eckstuetze-mit-fuss/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-beleuchtung/0480x0000.jpg" }, "768": { "minBreite": 768, "minHoehe": 360, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-sparren/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-fallrohr-rinne/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-eckstuetze-mit-fuss/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-beleuchtung/0768x0000.jpg" }, "1024": { "minBreite": 1024, "minHoehe": 480, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-sparren/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-fallrohr-rinne/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-eckstuetze-mit-fuss/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-beleuchtung/1024x0000.jpg" }, "1280": { "minBreite": 1280, "minHoehe": 600, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-sparren/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-fallrohr-rinne/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-eckstuetze-mit-fuss/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-beleuchtung/1280x0000.jpg" } }, "AltText": { "Bild1": "Terrassenüberdachung SDL Ambition Sparren", "Bild2": "Terrassenüberdachung SDL Ambition - verdecktes Fallrohr/Rinne", "Bild3": "Terrassenüberdachung SDL Ambition - Eckstütze mit Fuß", "Bild4": "Terrassenüberdachung SDL Ambition - Beleuchtung" } , "Texte": { "Bild1": "Controlled drainage in glass panel joint due to 11 mm height offset between the rafter and glazing bar" , "Bild2": "Elegant downpipe aluminium facing; improved appearance thanks to harmonious gutter design; large distances between posts thanks to concealed steel reinforcement" , "Bild3": "Adjustable base console for tolerances of 60–170 mm" , "Bild4": "No drilling in rafter necessary; lights and transformers are integrated into special lighting sections and clipped under the rafters" } ,"ThumbTexte": { "Bild1": "rafter" , "Bild2": "gutter/downpipe" , "Bild3": "corner post with base" , "Bild4": "lighting" } , "Thumbnails": { "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-sparren/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-fallrohr-rinne/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-eckstuetze-mit-fuss/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-ambition-beleuchtung/0150x0100.jpg" } }

Individual customised designs and segmented roof forms

The Solarlux SDL Ambition glass canopy can make just about any wish for your own glass canopy come true.
Even your dream of a large glazed space up to seven metres in width can be realised with this system without any problems.
Vertical glass elements can be used to transform the SDL Ambition into a protected glass house.

  • High load capacity thanks to steel reinforcement in rafters and eaves (enables maximum distances between posts)
  • Cost savings due to fast assembly times
  • High level of prefabrication
  • Good ventilation thanks to high quality skylights or motorised roof fans with automated controls


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