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Shade system

Even optimally heat-insulated wintergardens can become too warm in strong sunshine. High-quality shade systems provide the solution: awnings, which catch the sun’s rays before they hit the glass surfaces, provide effective exterior shade. Interior shade systems, such as roller and pleated blinds and canopies, are also available – sun blinds, pleated and foil blinds can even be fitted between the panes!  Wind and temperature sensors automatically control the shade system.


Harsh, unpleasant weather really brings out the value of the protected comfort of your wintergarden, and cosy hours spent overlooking the snow-covered garden are a delight. Surprisingly little heating energy is required to create comfortable temperatures, even on cold days. Fireplaces and tiled stoves, as well as underfloor heating, radiators and underfloor convection systems can easily be integrated into the wintergarden.



Well-positioned light sources create a cosy ambience. Lightstrips with integrated low-voltage lights, fitted under the individual rafters, are a subtle yet effective solution. A range of spotlights, halogen lights and star spotlights, all equipped with dimmable transformers, are available.


The automatic controls offer maximum convenience: thanks to a reliable, highly sensitive automation module, not only the ventilation but also the shade and lighting can be automatically controlled.

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