SL 20R sliding system

All-glass, framed, non-heat-insulated

The framed SL 20Re sliding system can be made to slide to the left or the right as required. With only 40 mm face widths in the panel joint, the all-glass system looks particularly slender. The SL 20Re system is available as a 2-, 3- or- 4 track system.

Slim sections, maximum transparency

The framed SL 20Re sliding system can be used in a glass house or as a partition wall and offers an increased level of impermeability to wind and rain.
Filigree sections with only 40 mm face widths create maximum transparency. The sliding panels can be configured in 2-, 3- or 4-track slide and guide rails. The handle on the innermost sliding panel makes the system very easy to operate. 
The carrier function means that all linked panels can be closed automatically in one go.

  • Framed sliding system
  • 2-, 3- or 4- track slide and guide rails
  • Only 40 mm face widths in the panel joint
  • Choice of left or right sliding
  • Integrated sliding panel carrier function
  • Optionally available with locking mechanism and lock
  • Pane constructions of 8 or 10 mm available

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