SL 23 sliding system

All-glass, non-heat-insulated

The SL 23 sliding system is particularly well-suited for balcony and facade design, but it also suitable for use as wind and weather protection beneath a glass canopy or as a partition.

Transparency at great heights

The SL 23 sliding system provides comprehensive comfort, even in challenging conditions, thanks to its expanded installation capacity of up to 17 mm glass thickness. For example, it is perfect for use in balcony and facade design, and is just as suitable for use as a partition for high storey heights. Like the SL 20, it can also be installed in a glass house for flexible wind and weather protection. The sliding panels of the all-glass system run along a multi-track, flat floor track. This guarantees an accessible transition to the outdoors.

  • Non-insulated, all-glass sliding system
  • Linear glass panes fixed in aluminium profiles at top and bottom
  • 2 and 3-track versions available
  • Choice of flat or standard floor track
  • Can take 12 mm lowering and 5 mm raising
  • External running track drainage
  • Glass thicknesses 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 mm; toughened safety glass (TSG) with heat soak test or laminated safety glass (LSG)
  • Panes have polished edges on all sides and four drill holes: two at the top, two at the bottom
  • Panes held in aluminium profiles with concealed clamping system and additional bonding
  • Optional catching function when opening the sliding panel
  • Concealed anti-lift-device at bottom of panel profile
  • Concealed anti-drop device at top of panel profile
  • Permanent ventilation and resistance to driving rain thanks to 50 mm panel coverage when closed
  • Locking via slider in bottom panel profile, operated from inside
  • Simplified self-unlocking mechanism (the second panel unlocks automatically when the first is unlocked)

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