Do I need planning permission for my gla

Do I need planning permission for my glass extension?

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When upgrading to a stunning Solarlux product, our exclusive partners have a team of experts that are on hand to gladly assist with planning throughout the project.

Planning permission for glass canopy

Do I need planning permission for my Glass Canopy, Glass House or Wintergarden?

Adding a Glass Canopy, Glass House or Wintergarden is often classed as a permitted development. Generally speaking, we advice you to ask our local partner due to guidelines of your region. 

Limits and conditions for planning a glass canopy, glass house or wintergarden

Some hints for your planning / questions that should be answered:

  • What is the distance you need to keep back from your neighbour's ground?
  • What is the minimum snow load in your area?
  • Are there wind loads in your area you need to pay attention to? 

Our partners are experts in Solarlux products

Solarlux partners are trained on our products and will help you to find the best solution for your project. On our map you will find the partner in your region!

Bespoke premium products from Solarlux

For over 35 years, Solarlux has built a reputation for precision-engineered products and reliable network of partners. Every detail of our award-winning products is expertly crafted to your specification and taste to ensure you get the perfect product. Contact us online for more information on any of our products or to find an installer near you.

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