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Solarlux delivers a stunning glazing solution to a new North London development

Solarlux designed, delivered and installed  a stunning wintergarden balcony glazing solution to the a project at Geron Way London – an exciting development of intelligently considered and design-led luxury high-end apartments at the heart of a dynamic regeneration of a former Parcel Force depot in Cricklewood, North West London.

The Geron Way development combines a warm brick facia, which pays homage to Cricklewood’s rich heritage, with clean contemporary glass lines. These blend beautifully with the private landscaped grounds, providing residents with a true oasis within the heart of bustling North West London.

The SL 45 fixed balcony glazing combined with the SL 25 slide & stack top section was chosen as the perfect solution for the Geron Way development. The optimum impermeability, stability and additional security offered by these products, make them ideal for use on the 216 balconies as they exceed all the relevant increased wind loading requirements, whilst also providing a quiet living space due to significant noise reduction.

This glazing system offers full protection against adverse weather conditions and when the glass panels are opened fully, residents can truly appreciate the large landscaped garden within the centre of the development, from the peace of their balcony. These products were chosen to provide residents with full protection from the elements during inclement weather but still allowing natural light to flood through the property on sunnier days, bringing a homely warmth to relax and unwind.

Steve Ferrie, Managing Director at Solarlux, said: “The products installed at Geron Way are specifically designed to welcome the outside in. They also exceed soundproofing expectations for a location such as this which can experience significant traffic noise during peak times.”

Solarlux also installed integrated spandrel panel cladding to cloak the concrete slab face to all elevations of the building, providing a more aesthetically pleasing finish. The panelling was specifically designed to adjust to varying slab edge heights making it suitable for multiple application sites, helping to streamline this phase of the development. 

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